Speciality Chemicals

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1) BKC (Benzalkonium Chloride):

BKC (Benzalkonium Chloride) is a versatile and effective chemical compound widely used for its antimicrobial properties in various industries such as;

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Personal-care Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Food processing Industry
  • Agriculture Industry
  • Water treatment Industry
  • Veterinary Industry
  • Household cleaning products Industry
  • Oil and gas Industry
  • Industrial manufacturing Industry

These industries utilize BKC for a range of purposes such as disinfection, sanitization, preservation, and microbial control. It is important to note that the specific applications and regulations surrounding BKC may vary within each industry and across different regions.

It's available in below-standard concentrations:

2) Phosphonates:

Phosphonates are a class of chemical compounds that contain phosphonic acid groups (–PO(OH)₂) and are derived from phosphorous. They are widely used in various industrial, agricultural, and water treatment applications. Here are some key points about phosphonates:

  • Water Treatment:
  • Phosphonates are effective as scale inhibitors, sequestering agents, and corrosion inhibitors in water treatment processes, including cooling water systems, boilers, and reverse osmosis membranes

  • Detergents and Cleaners:
  • They are used as chelating agents in household and industrial cleaning products to remove mineral deposits and improve cleaning efficiency.

  • Industrial Applications:
  • Phosphonates find application in industries such as textiles, pulp and paper, oil and gas, and metal treatment, where they serve as stabilizers, dispersants, and anti-scaling agents.

  • Oilfield Applications:
  • They find utility in the oil and gas industry as scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, and drilling mud additives.

Below is the list of available Phosphonates:

3) Polymers:

Polymers are widely used in various industries, including water treatment, due to their excellent chelating, dispersing, and sequestering properties. Here are some examples of polymers with such applications:

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